Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still working for all of us

I want to thank everyone for your continued support.

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I have been working a lot lately on logistics and behind the scenes web development for the distribution model that will make what I am talking about on the seminar video a reality.
I keep running into obstacles which tells me I am definitely doing the right thing. Real distribution for the idependent that puts them in control and reduces the chance of losing all revenues through bad distribution contracts.
As of this writing I am developing a script to shoot as a feature following the mainstream template to a point of names and faces that are recognizable to the general public with the sole intention to distribute online through the network.
I have a budget established around 400K for production and marketing.
This as you can imagine is a difficult number to come up with for an unknown business model but that is exactly what I am doing.
So just to keep you up to date. We need something that is ready to distribute and of course I am a filmmaker. That is what iI want to do., make films.
And so I shall.
I have the player almost ready for distribution but found some issues with censorship from the host company trying to force their agenda through the business and have been trying to work that out.
Otherwise we can't have any nudity language gore or violence in a feature.
I mean seriously, that is just not reasonable If I was James cameron I couldn't load Titanic under those restrictions.
So obviously, I am still fighting under the radar and just want you to know that I am still working for all of us.

Rob Ellis
Streaming Indy